The Outsider: A Novel

I just finished “The Outsider” and is was a very enlighting read.

I had never heard of the “Shaker” religion, so this was an eye opener to me. I assumed by the cover, this would be an “Amish” type book, but boy was I wrong. The story line was ok, but it was the shaker religion that kept me reading. The story line is fiction, but the religion was real.

It is hard for me to understand where all of these different “add on” religions come from, when we all read the same bible. I had never heard of “Mother Ann” let alone that she was supposed to be the second coming of Christ in female form. From what I read, in the early 1800’s, Mother Ann created her own religion.  She was apparently abused by her husband and had several children die at a very young age. Perhaps this is why she choose to view marriage and having children, a worldly, hell bound sin.  Her believers/followers, all lived in a commune, took children away from their mothers and followed strict work schedules, in order to receive blessings from Mother Ann. They all lived as brothers and sisters and everyone was celibate…….. No wonder the religion mostly fell to the wayside.

The book is about the struggle between religion and God’s Word. The struggle of a girl who finds love and has to choose between the blessings of Mother Ann and the man she loves.This would be a good read for the curious minded person, however some of the content can be disturbing and contains a lot of mental cruelty. This book is not for everyone, but I give it 4 stars.


The Hunger Games Trilogy Book Review

Before I even start to review this book, I will admit to you all that “The Hunger Games” is not the type of book that I would normally read.  The dust jacket did not even appeal to me at all, so why in the world would I, not only read The Hunger Games, but also the following two sequels?  The answer is simple……. The books are that good!!!

I discovered this trilogy of  books thru word of mouth.  They were recommended to me by a few fellow knitters, whom couldn’t seem to put them down, even to knit. I looked at them occasionally, read some reviews and finally, after pondering on them for a few months,  took the plunge and bought all three.  I then found myself jumping into the world of The Hunger Games  “Whole Hog” as we say here in the south.

Book begins with describing the world that Katniss Everdeen and her family are forced to live in, by the capital of Panem and President Snow.  The story revolves around ” The Games” held once a year, as the players fight for their very lives.  From all of the players, only one person can walk from the arena, alive and be proclaimed as “The Victor”.

 As the  story unfolds you will experience love, hate, hope, betrayal, loyalty and revenge.  You will see the struggle for survival and compassion for the dying.  I will warn you, this book will cause you to think.  What would you do , if you were thrown into the same arena, in the same situation and had to fight for your life.

This is a great book for the young, as well as old.  Everyone can take something away from The Hunger Games.  The only real disappointment I had with the first two books, were the abrupt ending.  If you don’t buy the sequels, you will be left hanging.  The Closure will only come at the end of the third book Mockingjay.

I will read these three books again, in the future.  All three are a wonderful addition to my personal library.  I look forward to reading all three books again with Mattie, when she is old enough to understand and enjoy them.  I also feel as they would make a great Book Club read with an in dept discussion on each book.

I highly recomend “The Hunger Games” book 1,  “Catching Fire” book 2 and “Mockingjay” book 3 by Suzanne Collins.

It’s been a while……….

Hello Again………=)

It’s been a while since my last post.  It would seem that life,  got in the way and other things were far more important than posting to a blog.  I have been reading a lot and will do several book reviews soon.

I still haven’t picked up my knitting needles since October, but I am beginning to miss them a lot.  It is strange, how comforting creating something with your own hands can be.  Just to imagine, the possibility, that you can take a simple string and in a few days, be wearing a beautiful sweater is a miracle in my eyes.  I really believe that is kind of creativity comes straight from God.  I know im bias, but knitting will always be a passion for me.

I hope you have a wonderful day and may God bless you all with health, wealth and above all the peace that passes understanding.


Tarzan Of The Apes

Tarzan Of The Apes


 Edgar Rice Burroughs

I was drawn to this book by my friend, author and fellow knitting instructor,  Kathleen  Taylor.  I have collected a lot of her books and I knew, if Kathleen said a book was good, then it had to be good.

After listening to her “rave reviews”,  she’s on her 7th Tarzan Book, and hearing about “what a hoot” they all were, I had to take the plunge, and as usual, Kathleen was right.

This book is filled with wild and miraculous miracles,  for instance, the feat of a 12-year-old boy, teaching himself to read and write the english language from books, even though he has never seen a human, nor heard a word uttered from human lips, Plus he amazes the reader with how he uses his great and wondrous mind to complete daunting task and solve complex problems.

This book is a ” hoot ” and a great read.  It will take you back to a time, where things were much simpler and very entertaining.

My Summary: 
This is a great book for anyone who is looking for good clean fun.  Its  over the top, as far as the story line goes and you have to believe that Tarzan is the most supreme being who has ever drawn a breath, for it to be real for  you, but it is a worthy read.  Just keep in mind that this book was written in  1914.  The world was a different place then, which I believe adds to the  excitement of the story.  If you like “over the top” fiction and enjoy a good  yarn, as we call it here in the south, You will enjoy this book!!!

 I personally rate this an A+ read.  However I do recommend it for older children, with a grasp of life and death.  It is not sugar-coated in that department, but it is a good, fun, clean read.

I will be moving on, to the other Tarzan Books, just as Kathleen did.  Their a good time, a good laugh and a great hoot!!!

Note: You can get this book from several different sources, but they do however have a free audio version at  That makes reading/listening to this story even better !!!

Later Gator,


Fall Feast for the Eyes

 These Images of the Blue Ridge Parkway come from all over the net. They are all breathtaking and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  They are a “Feast” for the Eyes.

The full moon setting behind Roan Mountain. Taken right beside the road on the Blue Ridge Parkway near the Grandfather Mountain Overlook.

Breathtaking Beauty Around The Mountain

Autumn Splendor Near Ashville

The Peaceful Waters Of Fall

The Winding Roads Of Twilight

 The Mountains of the  Blue Ridge Parkway  are wondrous to behold.  This Last Picture was taken by Cindy’s Husband Scott

It is just as beautiful as all the others !!!

Plan a trip to see the beautiful mountains


The  Blue Ridge Parkway and Eastern Tennessee.

I promise you won’t regret it !!!

Till Next Time………….!!!


Nefertiti by Michelle Moran

My Book Review




Michelle Moran

This book is more the story of Mutnodjmet, Nefertiti’s younger sister, then Nefertiti herself.   It tells the story of how, the beautiful older sister Nefertiti,  becomes Queen of Egypt and how the younger sister, Mutnodjmet, must follow behind in her shoes.

Sometimes it is better to be the underdog, rather than the reigning beauty, who sits on the throne.  While Nefertiti seems to have the world by the tail, it is Mutnodjmet, who finds happiness in the end.

This book takes you thru the end’s and out’s of Egypt, during a time of great change, during the reign of Amunhotep.   With heresy on the lips of the people, as well as the old moon priest,  this book has everything within its pages.  Death, hatred, betrayal, and unrentless love are a few things that you will encounter during this read/listen.

If you enjoy novels of old Egypt, Pharaohs and Queens, then this is a good book for you.

The story is based on fiction, but the historical time line, seems to be within check.

I bought and downloaded my copy from  A hard copy is also available at Amazon as well as on Kindle.

Happy Reading Everyone !!!


Beautiful Myrtle Beach

With Cindy’s surgery a success and this bad case of bronchitis, starting to lift,  I feel so much better and can enjoy the good moments of our trip.

While Cindy and I are on the mend , I thought I would share some pictures of a much better time.  We have a wonderful rondeau at the beach.

I also want to thank everyone for their prayers and notes.  Both were much-needed and appreciated.  I am really thankful for the prayers of God’s children.


Now on with the show !!!

The sand at Myrtle Beach in late October is beautiful.  The weather was wonderful and the winds are perfect.  The water is really too cold to swim in this time of year, but sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun and taking in the ocean, is breathtaking.


I was able to reflect a lot, that day on the beach and talk to God.  I was sitting in the sand,  thanking God for allowing me the grace to see the ocean once again and just revealed in the beauty of the great sea.  I already find myself yearning to go back and sit at the edge of the vast ocean and lose myself for hours in its wonders.

I pray that I have a chance to travel in the years to come.  I have learned to appreciate the beauty, of the places that I go, not just run in and out of malls and tourist attractions. Not being able to walk a lot and go to many places,  I have learned to see things thru different eyes and  appreciate their beauty for what they really are.

I enjoy the quiet times, alone with God and nature.  The only thing that I really missed on this trip was my husband.  I truly wish that Rob had been right their, sitting beside me and seeing everything that I was beholding.  I was so happy to be their and yet I was missing him, all at the same time.  I wrote him a note in the sand that day, so that I could send it to him, when I went back inside the hotel.

This picture says it all.

I pray that Rob and I can take a trip, to the ocean, together next year, after all of the holidays, so that he can see the sea once again too and all of its wondrous beauty.

That would be the perfect trip!!!

Here is a few pictures of the ocean, that I was looking at, in the picture above.

I hope you are enjoying my reflections and memories, as much as I have.

 Seeing the pictures again and recalling the sounds and smells, within my mind,  take me back to that beach,  sitting their communing with God and the ocean.

I pray that you all take time to go on a simple and quiet vacation, once in your life, where you have no plans and no agenda  to follow.

Take time with the ones that you love and your heart will always be filled with love and contentment and compassion. It is this place, within your spirit, that you will find God and happiness,.

Love to Everyone,